Xamarin.Forms is a cross plateform API to quickly build mobile native apps for iOS, Android and Windows using C#, so if you know C#, you already know how to build iOS, Android, and Windows apps. Xamarin.Forms allow developers build user-interfaces with XAML, and implement multi-page apps with navigation, tabs, master/detail pages. With Xamarin Forms developers can also store and retrieve data from a variety of sources (file system, SQLite database and RESTful services).

System Requirements

We can use Xamarin.Forms on macOS and Windows to quickly build our app. So what we need is mainly:

Installation Instructions

  1. Download Visual Studio Community, Visual Studio Professional, or Visual Studio Enterprise.
  2. Double-click the downloaded package to start installation.
  3. Select the Mobile development with .NET workload from the installation screen.
  4. When Visual Studio installation has completed, click the Launch button to start Visual Studio


Xamarin.Forms is an easy tool for creating and build mobile native apps for iOS, Android and Windows in a few time, the installation does not take much time so be one of who accelerate mobile development with Xamarin.